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The Bristol Perio Clinic

- est. August 1990 -

Your first appointment

What happens at an initial consultation apppointment?

We aim to understand your concerns regarding your gum health and explain what could be acheived with treatment. Detailed examination of your clinical condition will be carried out including suitable radiographs (3D scans if necessary). Once all the clinical information has been gathered, we will discuss appropriate treatment options, timelines and costs with you. Where there is a need for a complex multidisciplinary management, a second appointment may be needed to allow time for treatment planning and discussion. A detailed clinical report will then be sent to your dentist. This report together with a treatment plan and the cost of care will also be sent to you.

Treatment costs

The cost of the initial consultation is £310.00. This cost will include writing a clinical report to your dentist and giving you an indication of treatment costs.

Oral Hygiene Instruction and diet advice

From £190.00

3-month review, supportive periodontal therapy

From £200.00

Root surface debridement full mouth

From £2,100.00

Root surface debridement half mouth

From £1,100.00

Systemic antibiotic treatment


Periodontal Flap surgery

From £2,100.00

Removal of stitches


Crowns and bridges

From £900.00/unit

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